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Business and Marriage.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

The impact successful marriage has on your company’s profits.

Success and Marriage

All businesses have remained aloof from the world of family and marriage.But it is now proven by major studies around the globe that marriage and business have major impact on each other.Facilitating happy marriages and family wellness improves a company’s overall financial profitability while ignoring this can lead to losses for a company.

Marriage trends are changing fast.Lots of intercaste marriages are now seen in traditional communities.Inter-religious marriages and even living-in has become accepted in India. Also we are witnessing almost 50% divorce rates in urban areas.

Research has shown that marriage has huge benefits over any other form of cohabitation.

Married people are healthier,live longer,have more sex,have better financial status, and have children that are better in studies and emotionally healthy.

Employees in failed marriages cause loses to companies.There is significant decrease in productivity for employees with failing relationships.These workers also have major health problems like increased stress and anxiety, depression, alcohol and substance abuse.These employees directly cost companies in higher healthcare expenses.

On the other hand, employees in successful relationships increase profits for their employers.The happy employees are more stable, more committed to their jobs and are more dependable and motivated.Happy employees are also physically healthier, have fewer chronic health problems ,saving companies money in overall health care expenditure.

When companies invest in employee relational wellness of their workers ROI(Returns on Investment) can range between Rs150 to Rs450 per for every Rs 100 spent on these programs.

Companies wanting to increase their profits have to realize that business happens in the bedroom and the boardroom!

It is in every companies best profitability interest to understand how marriage and family wellness affects their business and they have to invest in the promotion of relational wellness.

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