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Benefits Of Premarital Counseling Online

Benefits Of Premarital Counseling Online

More couples are partaking in premarital counseling online to help strengthen their relationship and prepare for a healthy marriage. Could you and your partner benefit from online premarital counseling?

So, you found the perfect partner and now you are ready to get married. Or, are you? Have you thought about premarital counseling? Everyone has heard it before. The age-old adage "marriage is hard work" or the telling statistic "over 50% of marriages end in divorce." If you and your significant other want to make sure you are doing everything in your power to have a strong, stable, and happy marriage, then premarital counseling online may be right for you. At the very least, it will help you two get to know each other better. You want to know as much as you can about the person you are planning to spend the rest of your life with, right?

What Is Premarital Counseling?

Essentially, premarital counseling is counseling with the goal of making communication between you and your partner more effective, especially when discussing topics that you may tend to avoid or that could lead to conflict. If you decide to partake in premarital counseling online - with that aim in mind - you can expect to experience benefits, including:

Improved communication - particularly during times of stress or anger

Healthy discussion to work through issues that could potentially cause marital stress in the future or even lead to separation.

A safe way to express thoughts and opinions without judgment

The opportunity to set goals and aspirations for your marriage that will help you set the foundation for your future together

Discovering new things about each other

What premarital counseling opens an opportunity to get everything out in the open, so that when you enter into marriage there is less chance of conflict or marital stress. And the best part is, there are a wide variety of online premarital counseling options that you and your partner can do on your own time and in the privacy of your own home.

Why Choose Online Rather Than Traditional Counseling?

With online premarital counseling, you will receive all the benefits of traditional counseling with added flexibility. You can choose to make an online appointment that is convenient for you by video, phone or online chat. Your commute time will be zero and it can occur in the comfort of your own home. It can also be a more affordable option for the same qualified professionals. Some studies suggest that couples who have pre-marital counseling have a lower divorce rate

What Does Online Premarital Counseling Involve?

Some of the things you may encounter include:

Dealing with anger issues

Making decisions together

Spending time together

Parenting together successfully

Relationships with other family members

Sexual relationship and showing affection

Roles in the marriage

Communicating effectively


Do We Really Need Premarital Counseling?

It may be difficult to discuss the idea of premarital counseling when things are going well. Trained professionals can help discuss how to communicate when disagreements occur. They will have the experience to know which topics are common among married couples that cause discord and pitfalls to avoid.

The counselor or therapist can give you the conflict resolution skills that will help you turn those unfortunate disagreements into resolutions.

How Much Does Premarital Counseling Cost?

The cost of online premarital counseling is much cheaper than traditional face to face premarital counseling. One reason is because the therapist does not have to pay for an office to work out of, staff for that office, utilities and other expenses for the office. The therapist or counselor also does not have to spend money on gas and other travel expenses when they do online premarital counseling. Therefore, they save money and pass that savings on to you.The cost of traditional premarital counseling sessions average about $250 to $300 per hour, depending on the location. Online premarital counseling or therapy averages about $150-$200 or Rs10,000/-.

How to Find Online Premarital Counseling

A simple online search for "premarital counseling" can help you get started. However, not all online premarital counseling resources are created equal. Take your time to find one that provides good structure and guidance that is coming from a reputable source. Often, sites will have reviews, and reading through those can give you a great idea if you have found a dependable site.

There are many different online therapy resources to choose from so you should really do your homework before choosing. Having a facilitator with your cultural background and social conditions helps.

You will be able to tell a bit about yourself and what you would like to get out of premarital counseling. In addition, you will be matched with a licensed counselor who can provide guidance, support, and knowledge to help you and your partner prepare for marriage - all strictly confidential and online.

Marriage will be one of the most rewarding - and sometimes the most challenging - experiences of your life. So, do not take yours and your partner's relationship for granted. Instead, consider partaking in premarital counseling online to make sure your marriage has a strong and stable foundation on which to grow for many years to come. And, right now you


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